Roof Tarping

24 Hour Roof Tarping ServiceSometimes the need for emergency roof tarping is your best option when water is gushing through your roof. This heavy duty, waterproof roofing material is perfect for temporary roof repair.

Need a temporary roof tarp put on in an emergency? We do it!
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Whether you had shingles blown off your roof or a tree limb knock a hole in it, you can count on us to provide a temporary cover.

24HR Emergency Roof Tarping

Unfortunately, the types of severe weather we get don’t seem to care about timing when they hit. That being said, having access to emergency roof tarping 24 hours a day, seven days a week is crucial.

It can be tough to safely and effectively make a roof repair when it’s pouring rain. When the weather is that bad, we have the ability to come out to your property and install a roof tarp over the affected area in emergency situations.

Temporary Roofing Options

Now that your roof is leaking water into your home, you need to know your what your options are. The fastest and least expensive option is to cover the location with a roof tarp.

This option is really designed for those roof that have some sort of a slope or pitch to them. Depending on circumstances, the woven vinyl or plastic tarps can be put in and left in place until the weather conditions allow for a complete and proper repair.

Roof Tarps in Birmingham, AL
When you’re looking for roof tarps, the time to buy one is before you need one. When a storm causes damage across a large portion of the state, they can become a scarce commodity. If you need one and can’t find one, call us right away.

Roof Repair Birmingham provides 24 hour roof tarping in emergency situations as a viable form of temporary roofing.