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Need a metal roof repair that will last a long time? We have the skills and experience to fix all types of metal roofing and stand behind our work with a written guarantee!

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Whether your leaks are coming through a standing seam, R-Panel or corrugated steel roof, we are know for fixing the right way and at a great price too.

Metal Roof Repair Birmingham AL

No other place in Alabama has more metal roof commercial buildings than we do right here in the Birmingham area. When your roof starts leaking, the time to repair it at the lowest possible price is right now.

Water coming in through your steel roof can cause very expensive water damage to your building. This included the contents of your building as well. We’ll find the source of the leak then repair it quickly.

Metal Roof Leak Repair

Believe it or not, the causes of metal roof leaks are actual limited to just a few common issues. Either the seams have become compromised, the neoprene gaskets around the fasteners have eroded or roof protrusions have become unsealed.

More often than not, the most frequently repaired area of a metal roof is along the seams where the metal screws (aka fasteners) are. The tough part is locating and isolating the exact source of the leak.

Reputable Metal Roofers
Your building is more than just a place to provide a service or produce a product; it’s your livelihood. As one of the most reputable metal roofers in the Birmingham area, we care about the roof repairs we make.

Roof Repair Birmingham provides long lasting metal roof repair at a great price.