Flat Roof

flat roof
Need a flat roof repair that won’t break the bank? We can quickly and effectively fix modified bitumen (ModBit), built-up roofs (BUR or Tar and Gravel), single ply PVC or TPO roofs and even EPDM or rubber roofs.

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You shouldn’t have to pay a small fortune for this type of commercial roofing to be fixed than you have to. We make the repair affordable on almost any budget.

Flat Roof Repair Birmingham

Even though flat roofs are usually the strongest types of commercial roofing, they are not immune to roof leaks. In most every circumstance, standing water creates the need for a flat roof repair of some kind.

The real skill comes in pinpointing the actual cause and location of the roof leak, especially on tar and gravel roofs. In this case, 2 to 3 inches of gravel are covering this flat roofing surface and it takes a real expert to get to the bottom of it. We have the experience and the tools to do just that.

Cost of Flat Roof Repair

In most cases, a flat roof is almost always a commercial roof and the prices charged to repair them are often high. It doesn’t have to be that way!

We provide the lowest cost when repairing flat roofs because we only fix what’s necessary and do the job properly so it lasts a long time. On average, most small jobs run between $500 to $700 and larger repairs come in between $1800 to $2100. Either way, you’ll always get a written warranty for your protection.

Reputable Flat Roof Repair Contractor
You just can’t afford to take chances with a roofer that isn’t properly licensed and insured. We are and have an excellent reputation for being on time and on budget.

Roof Repair Birmingham provides flat roof repair at a great price and with a written warranty.