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There are many places around your chimney that can cause your roof to leak. You need a roofing professional to make the necessary repairs if you want it fixed right the first time.

Chimney Leak Repair Cost

Once you have spotted a water stain on the ceiling above your fireplace, the thought of how much it will cost to fix it immediately comes to mind. In and around Birmingham, the cost for chimney leak repair is $150 on the low end and $400 or more on the high end.

We do everything we can to keep the repair cost affordable. Our prices include a complete chimney leak repair inspection, top quality roofing and flashing materials and expert workmanship.

In most cases, the problem causing the leaks are usually minor and can be properly fixed in less than an hour. Sometimes, the cost of the repair can be a little higher if there is water damage to the roof decking or structure.

Causes of Chimney Leaks

There are only a handful of things that can cause a leaking chimney. The top 3 causes of chimney leaks are as follows:

    chimney cap leaks

  1. Flashing – Flashing is the rectangular sheets of metal that create a waterproof seal between the chimney and the roof itself. When the adhesive becomes old and brittle, it cracks and allow rainwater to enter into your home.
  2. Chimney Caps – A chimney cap is usually made of metal or cement and its primary function is to keep rainwater from pouring into your fireplace. When this becomes rusted or damaged, the chances for leaks to happen are greatly increased.
  3. Masonry & Siding Damage – On older homes, the mortar between the layers of bricks in your chimney can erode and allow water to penetrate. Improperly installed siding on chimneys that are comprised of a single metal pipe with a box built around it can also be a source of leaks.

Regardless of what caused the need for a chimney leak repair, it’s pretty easy to tell if your chimney is leaking. Water stains on the ceiling, or water running down the front or sides of your fireplace will always give it away.

If at all possible, do not put off a chimney leak repair. Doing so can not only lead to water damage to the structure of your home, but a very costly repair as well.

We provide chimney leak repair in Birmingham and the surrounding area.